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APP WAF6 – Competitive Punctuation Points

How DO you get the ‘darlings’ to punctuate without the dispiriting ‘I’ll put it in when I’ve finished, Miss’?

In my experience, the stats that say boys don’t like to write is wrong. Speaking generally, they like to write IF they can write about something that interests them but, it seems they’re not too concerned about helping out the reader. They have something to say and they want to say it as quickly as possible – no time for distracting technicalities such as punctuation. However, adding a competitive element is always conducive to encouraging desired behaviour and for that, I am always on the lookout for good ideas.

Skimming through Twitter the other day, I came across this fab idea that is being promoted by @DeputyMitchell. And, although it was presented as a primary resource, I NEED it in my KS3 and KS4 classes – especially for encouraging those C/D borderline students who are just on the cusp of moving into using a variety of meaningful syntax.

It’s quick, it’s easy and more encouragingly, it generates winners. Also, on laminated sheets, they can be used over and again.

punctuation points

And futhermore, it generates conversation and uses numeracy.


Blog Awards – Rewarding good class blogs.

Boys love winning.

On the sports field it’s easy to see who has been the best at something but in the classroom success isn’t as obvious. I like to be able to reward for effort and presentation as well as content and posting these images (alongside formative comments when appropriate) is a great way to make someone a winner for the day.

Here are my first attempts at making blog specific trophies. Better may follow when I have better mastered Brushes on the iphone. Or, when I have treated myself to a tablet.

trophyblog of the week trophybest blog trophy qull blank quill blog of the week quill best blog award



I can’t take credit for the original artwork – I’ve only adapted the images to suit my purpose. I would be more than pleased to credit the original author if they get in touch.