afl jigsawWith the current focus on data, progress in learning being boxed in and performance related pay on the cards, our first priority has to be that the students move through the levels of attainment.

This menu is a quick ‘one-stop shop’ for planning and to verify, amongst all the madness and mayhem. they are making ‘the right’ progress.

I often share the strands with students by using them to set a lesson objective.  A range of levels, depending on class, from the assessment objectives in the APP grids are good for students setting their own outcomes for the lesson. Having copied them over from their original PDF files, the are now easily pasted into IWB software and onto worksheets.

From the sub-tabs under this AFL menu, for starters, you can easily access

  • the APP descriptors
  • the framework strands
  • some info about Bloom’s taxonomy
  • the reading strategies

Let me know of other documents you use to plan your lessons.



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