RAF3 Levels

RAF3 – deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts

3 – In most reading (different to QCA booklet)

  • straightforward inference based on a single point of reference in the text, e.g. ‘he was upset because it says “he was crying”’
  • responses to text show meaning established at a literal level e.g. ‘walking good’ means ‘walking carefully’ or based on personal speculation e.g. a response based on what they personally would be feeling

4 – Across a range of reading

  • comments make inferences based on evidence from different points in the text, e.g. interpreting a character’s motive from their actions at different points
  • inferences often correct, but comments are not always rooted securely in the text or repeat narrative or content

5 – Across a range of reading

  • comments develop explanation of inferred meanings drawing on evidence across the text, e.g. ‘you know her dad was lying because earlier she saw him take the letter’
  • comments make inferences and deductions based on textual evidence, e.g. in drawing conclusions about a character’s feelings on the basis of their speech and actions

6 – Across a range of reading

  • comments securely based in textual evidence and identify different layers of meaning, with some attempt at detailed exploration of them,
    e.g. explaining the association of different words in an image, or exploring connotations in a political speech or advertisement
  • comments consider wider implications or significance of information, events or ideas in the text, e.g. tracing how details contribute to overall meaning

7 – Across a range of reading

  • comments begin to develop an interpretation of the text(s), making connections between insights, teasing out meanings or weighing up evidence, e.g. considering the relative importance of different pieces of evidence when evaluating a character’s actions; rejecting an argument after exploring what is left unsaid by its proponent; developing a critique of a writer’s viewpoint by adducing evidence from a range of insights

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