WAF4 Levels

WAF4 – construct paragraphs and use cohesion within and between paragraphs

3 – In most writing

  • some internal structure within sections of text e.g. one-sentence paragraphs or ideas loosely organised
  • within paragraphs / sections, some links between sentences, e.g. use of pronouns or of adverbials
  • movement between paragraphs / sections sometimes abrupt or disjointed

4 –  Across a range of writing

  • paragraphs / sections help to organise content, e.g. main idea usually supported or elaborated by following sentences
  • within paragraphs / sections, limited range of connections between sentences, e.g. overuse of ‘also’ or pronouns
  • some attempts to establish simple links between paragraphs / sections not always maintained, e.g. firstly, next

5 – Across a range of writing

  • paragraphs clearly structure main ideas across text to support purpose, e.g. clear chronological or logical links between paragraphs
  • within paragraphs / sections, a range of devices support cohesion, e.g. secure use of pronouns, connectives, references back to text
  • links between paragraphs / sections generally maintained across whole text

6 – Across a range of writing

  • construction of paragraphs clearly supports meaning and purpose, e.g. paragraph topic signalled and then developed, withholding of information for effect, thematic links between paragraphs
  • within paragraphs, cohesive devices contribute to emphasis and effect, e.g. adverbials as sentence starters

7 – Across a range of writing

  • paragraphing across the text is integral to meaning and purpose, e.g. paragraph length and complexity varied to match narrative pace or development of argument; varied devices to link or juxtapose paragraphs; paragraph structure repeated for effect
  • individual paragraphs shaped or crafted for imaginative or rhetorical effect, e.g. last sentence echoing the first; lengthy single sentence paragraph to convey inner monologue

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