WAF6 Levels

WAF6 – write with technical accuracy of syntax and punctuation in phrases, clauses and sentences

3 – In most writing

  • straightforward sentences usually demarcated accurately with full stops, capital letters, question and exclamation marks
  • some, limited, use of speech punctuation
  • comma splicing evident, particularly in narrative

4 – Across a range of writing

  • sentences demarcated accurately throughout the text, including question marks
  • speech marks to denote speech generally accurate, with some other speech punctuation
  • commas used in lists and occasionally to mark clauses, although not always accurately

5 – Across a range of writing

  • full range of punctuation used accurately to demarcate sentences, including speech punctuation
  • syntax and punctuation within the sentence generally accurate including commas to mark clauses, though some errors occur where ambitious structures are attempted

6 – Across a range of writing

  • syntax and full range of punctuation are consistently accurate in a variety of sentence structures, with occasional errors in ambitious structures, e.g. only occasional comma splices, some use of semi-colons, not always accurate

7 – Across a range of writing

  • variety of sentence types deployed judiciously across the text to achieve purpose and overall effect, with rare loss of control
  • a range of features employed to shape/craft sentences that have individual merit and contribute to overall development of the text, e.g. embedded phrases and clauses that support succinct explanation; secure control of complex verb forms; antithesis, repetition or balance in sentence structure

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