Strand 6

6 Understanding the author’s craft

6.1 Relating texts to the social, historical and cultural contexts in which they were written

  • Year 7 Understand the different ways texts can reflect the social, cultural and historical contexts in which they were written
  • Year 8 Explore the concept of literary heritage, why certain texts are important withing it and how some texts have influed culture and thinking
  • Year 9 Develop an understanding of how ideas, experiences and values are portrayed in texts from different cultures and traditions

Links to Assessing Pupil Progress

  • RAF7 Relate texts to their social, cultural and historical traditions

6.2 Analysing how writers’ use of linguistic and literary features shape and influence meaning

  • Year 7 identify and describe the effect of writers’ use of specific literary, rhtorical and grammatical features
  • Year 8 Explore the range, variety and overall effect on readers of literary, thetorical and grammatical features used by writers of literary and non-literary texts.
  • Year 9 Analyse in depth and detail writers’ use of literary, rhetorical and grammatical features and their effects on different readers

Links to Assessing Pupil Progress

  • RAF 5 Explain and ocmment on writers’ use of language, including grammatical and literary features at word and sentence level

6.3 Analysing writers’ use of organisation, structure, layout and presentation

  • Year 7 Explore the range of different ways writers use layout, form and presentation in a variety of texts
  • Year 7 Explore the variety and range of ways the content of texts can be organised, structured and combined
  • Year 8 Year 8 Explain how specific choices and combinations of form, layout and presentation create particular effects
  • Year 8 Explain how specific structural and organisational choices in texts create particular effects
  • Year 9 Analyse how menaing is conveyed differently according to the form, alyout and prestation selected by the writer for specific purposes
  • Year 9 Analyse how meaning can be conveyed in different ways according to structural and organisational choices at sentence and text level

Links to Assessing Pupil Progress

  • RAF4 Identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts, including grammatical and presentational features a text level

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