Strand 3

3 Group discussion and Interaction

3.1 Developing and adapting discussion skills and strategies in formal and informal contexts

  • Year 7 Make clear and relevant contributions to group discussion, promoting, opposing , exploring and questioning as appropriate
  • Year 7 Help discussions succeed by acknowledging and responding to the contributions of others
  • Year 8 Make a sustained contribution to group discussion and illustrate and explain their ideas
  • Year 8Listen carefully, ask pertinent questions and make suggestions in order to solve problems and test ideas
  • Year 9 recognise strengths and identify areas for development in their own and others’ contributions
  • Year 9 Move a discussion forward by developing and drawing together ideas arising from discussion

Links to Assessing Pupil Progress

  • SPLAF1 talking to others
  • SPLAF 2 talking with others

3.2 Taking roles in group discussions

  • Year 7 Take different roles in group discussion as required by the task or content
  • Year 8 Develop the skills required for group discussion by taking a variety of designated roles including acting as spokesperson for the group by reporting the main strands of thought or discussion.
  • Year 9 Choose appropriately from a wide variety of roles and apply the skills they require to plan, organise or sustain a range of different discussions

Links to Assessing Pupil Progress

  • SPLAF1 talking to others
  • SPLAF2 talking with others

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