RAF7 Levels

RAF7 – relate texts to their social, cultural and historical traditions

3 – In most reading

  • some simple connections between texts identified, e.g. similarities in plot, topic, or books by same author, about same characters
  • recognition of some features of the context of texts, e.g. historical setting, social or cultural background

4 – Across a range of reading

  • features common to different texts or versions of the same text identified, with simple comment, e.g. characters, settings, presentational features
  • simple comment on the effect that the reader’s or writer’s context has on the meaning of texts e.g. historical context, place, social relationships

5 – Across a range of reading

  • comments identify similarities and differences between texts, or versions, with some explanation, e.g. narrative conventions in traditional tales or stories from different cultures, ballads, newspaper reports
  • some explanation of how the contexts in which texts are written and read contribute to meaning, e.g. how historical context influenced adverts or war reports from different times/places; or how a novel relates to when/where it was written

6 – Across a range of reading

  • some exploration of textual conventions or features as used by writers from different periods, e.g. comparing examples of sonnet form, dramatic monologue, or biography or travel writing
  • some detailed discussion of how the contexts in which texts are written and read affect meaning, e.g. how an idea/topic is treated differently in texts from different times and places or how the meaning of a text has changed over time

7 – Across a range of reading

  • responses begin to show some analysis of how a text is influenced by earlier texts written within the same tradition, e.g. how some features of a contemporary text show influence of earlier examples of that genre
  • some analysis of how different meanings and interpretations of a text relate to the contexts in which it was written or read, e.g. how a particular context influences writers in different ways; or how the meaning or interpretation of a text changes according to the context in which it is read

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