WAF3 Levels

WAF3 – organise and present whole texts effectively, sequencing and structuring information, ideas and events

3 – In most writing

  • some attempt to organise ideas with related points placed next to each other
  • openings and closings usually signalled
  • some attempt to sequence ideas or material logically

4 – Across a range of writing

  • ideas organised by clustering related points or by time sequence
  • ideas are organised simply with a fitting opening and closing, sometimes linked
  • ideas or material generally in logical sequence but overall direction of writing not always clearly signalled

5 – Across a range of writing

  • material is structured clearly, with sentences organised into appropriate paragraphs
  • development of material is effectively managed across text, e.g. closings refer back to openings
  • overall direction of the text supported by clear links between paragraphs

6 – Across a range of writing

  • material is clearly controlled and sequenced, taking account of the reader’s likely reaction, e.g. paragraphs of differing lengths, use of flashback in narrative, anticipating reader’s questions
  • a range of features clearly signal overall direction of the text for the reader, e.g. opening paragraphs that introduce themes clearly, paragraph markers, links between paragraphs

7 – Across a range of writing

  • information, ideas and events skillfully managed and shaped to achieve intended purpose and effect, e.g. introduction and development of character, plot, event, or the terms of an argument, are paced across the text
  • a variety of devices position the reader, e.g. skilful control of information flow to reader; teasing the reader by drawing attention to how the narrative or argument is being handled

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