Training them to talk ‘SOLO’

When we are engaged, how can we not see links in all we do? Coincidently, as I was thinking about putting this post together, I experienced a Twitter distraction that took me to a good practice film on the Ofsted site which advocates the importance of getting boys talking.

Regardless of supporting or opposing evidence, I believe working in an all boys school does have different advantages and drawbacks and getting most of them to talk in the abstract is challenging.  So, it’s going to be a joint endeavour. I am going to better learn how to teach it and they hopefully, are going to better learn how to talk it. And, I’m going to be planning my lessons with ‘SOLO’ in mind.

And I’m going to start by test driving these game cards in my lessons – guided them from the multistructural (column 1) to the relational (column 2), and from the relational (column 2) to the extended abstract (column 3).

For sure, they will struggle making links across some of the pathways. Hopefully, this should lead to interesting conversation and a realisation of the importance of selecting the most appropriate examples in their exams.

If anyone takes this up and has constructive comments for improvement. PLEASE let me know.

GCSE Of Mice and Men

Q7c making linksGCSE Macbeth Edexcel Q2b

1213 Q2b Links


GCSE Macbeth Edexcel Q2c 1213 Q2c Links

Year9 Gothic Horror Genre

1213 L1 links

Thanks for reading.


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